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"The Messenger" book on Klaus Joehle's site

Kostya: I checked the site livingonlove.com. It has changed. Now the first page is an invitation to buy "Living on Love - The Messenger" book. If I click on the book picture, I get to the text from the beginning of the book. If I keep clicking on > symbol on top left - I get more and more of book text. But I don't see text of the book in German, French and other translations.

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daidilove: Its still possible to download the book. http://livingonlove.com/books-2/ when you go to this link, under "shop now", you can download Klaus Joehles - The Messenger in 6 different languages :) People reading this, if you like the book, go buy it its cheap and it will change your life. a good reasong to support the author Klaus :) much love, daidi

Kostya: oh, thanks for telling me! But one can't get to this page from the front page (((

daidilove: jeah its not on the front page, but if you want to find it, you will find it, its just two clicks away :)

Kostya: I didn't find where to click. Can you direct me?

daidilove: here. but it seems that for some languages you are directed to some dropbox like homepage, where it seems that you need to register to download the file, which shouldnt be a problem

Kostya: oh, thanks! I just didn't scroll down!

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