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Making a Tai Chi Class More Meaningful

Ambrowill: Hi. I teach Tai Chi in a Chair for Seniors three times week. Today I decided to open with a short "I love myself " breath meditation which felt great. Then I asked myself and my students to think that phrase on every in breath during today's practice. As the instructor I felt myself slowing down and becoming more mindful of each movement. I noticed my students were more attentive and smiling a lot. After class I asked them what they thought of the class and received high praise. Thank you for your inspiring Amazon ebook, it took my "Sending Love" practice to a new level. And a second thanks for the mirror exercise, the guy in there was quite happy he was seen again.

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Kostya: What mirror exercise? I don't remember it. And welcome to the forum! Thanks for sharing your experience.

daidilove: hey Ambrowill, welcome to the forum. so it seems you read klaus joehles the messenger? very nice story you got there :) I love that the people like your breathing love excercise. I also dont know about some mirror exercise, would you mind to elaborate?

Kostya: Ambrowill, how do you send love? Do you do a laying down meditation or do you just think lightly about sending love? What ebook do you have in mind?

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