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How do we energize this forum? More open communications

Kostya: I wrote a message in Russian VC.com group on Sending love - I wrote that I want to create a team that would generate goals for global Sending Love project and would do the project. Looked into skype and found that Daidi writes to me about something like that - he and Yannis want to create an international forum. So we began to do it.

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daidilove: jeah and here we are :) we changed some topics here in the forum. we made topics for russian / english / german language. so that everyone has a place where he can talk about sending love :) i hope we will get a lot of new active members in the future much love, daidi

Kostya: How do we get new members? from fb group? here is a link to our fb group

Kostya: I thought again about how we can energize this forum? The Theory of Systems tells me that we can get more effectiveness if we have more of open communications between forum users. Well, we'll see how it goes.

daidilove: I read through your post on your site, seems interesting and plausible. but how exactly do you want to implement that? I mean isnt a forum just actually that, exchanging information of different users? maybe I did not understand it well enough.. much love, daidi

Kostya: Formally, synergy comes when system elements do high-quality exchange of important information. What is high-quality exchange of information? What in an important information? If stomach and liver do not share information with each other, liver will not send bile in time and consuming food would be difficult. A person (a system will be sick and in trouble). If these organs share important info with each other and with other organs - the body is in good shape and can do miracles like running, jumping, playing football, typing on keyboard, inventing things.

daidilove: and how do we apply that to our forum? what do you think are important informations that need to be exchanged here? i think i get what the system is about and how it works, but cant really imagine how to apply that here :D

Kostya: "and how do we apply that to our forum? " - We talk about thing that are important to us. Most important are emotions, wants, dreams. Sending Love is of interest to us because it brings up nice feelings and help with some goals. "what do you think are important informations that need to be exchanged here?" - Information about what we want, what we feel, I guess. If we talk outside of the forum with each other it works for the forum too. But others would be able to read our conversation only if we conduct it openly.

Kostya: Would be nice to translate remaining service messages to English. I tried to do this in Settings, but it didn't work. Maybe I should use main password for the forum to save the changes? Or maybe I should get in touch with forum service admins?

daidilove: Hm I think it should work, you are talkging about the message every new user gets, when he registers to the forum? that one that is only in russian at the moment? I will have a look into it tomorrow morning and see if I can change it. it should work I think. i try to translate it to german and then write here again, how it worked out :) much love, daidi

Kostya: I'm talking about service messages that you can see around, when you write a new message.

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