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30 Day Sending Love Challenge.

daidilove: Hi all together. you know like in every part of life people lack motivation. and iam a good example for that. thats why i want to start a 30 day challenge of sending love for myself. starting tomorrow, i want to send love for 30 days straight, for at least 10 minutes a day. i will post daily about: -how I was sending love -how it felt like -what i want to achieve with it -what changes I can see or feel so wish me good luck, and see you tomorrow. much love, daidi

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Kostya: Yes, Daidi, have fun with it!

daidilove: Soooo, yesterday night i finished my first sending love session. it went oookay, i had a hard time concentrating, cause i have a cold and have to cough every 3 minutes. But in one of those coughing downtimes i could really focus well and could feel myself vibrating in love. for me that always feels like, i can feel my body from the outside. like Iam the air around my body :) in this session I send love to my broke toe, to heal faster :) (i had an accident at the beach last week), i also sent love to this day to make it very productive and i send love to a business idea that i have and want to start in some weeks and the rest of the time I just filled myself with love all the way. today I dont feel anything special, but I think that will change in the following days :) that's it for now. much love, daidi

Kostya: nice to read, thanks!

daidilove: yesterday night i finished my second Sending Love Session. Before i started the actual sending, i meditated for about 5-10 minutes. There i just focus on my breathing, accept every thought that comes up and then bring my attention back to my breath. I do that to clear my mind and have a sharper focus. After that I started sending love, I still had problems focusing, cause of my cold, I have to cough a lot. Thas is really annoying I still continued, I couldn feel that much in this session, but I still finished it. I send Love to the same things like yesterday, but focused to just fill myself more with love. I still feel the same today, no real changes in my feelings, the behavior of people towards me or anything else. but i will still keep going :) much love, daidi

daidilove: so, the last 3 day. I always put my sending love sessions to the end of the day and it made it very difficult to send love, when you come home after a long day and are tired. so i restart my challenge, and today is my new first day of the challenge. From now on I will send love, just after waking up or at the afternoon. I just finished my first session. Before starting the actual sending love, I meditated for 20 minutes (just focusing on my breath), this meditation itself was very intense. for some minutes it felt like I was breathing with my soul, very nice feeling. after those 20 minutes (I put an alarm clock), I started my sending love session. the good thing was, I could instantly focus, cause of my meditation beforehand. I changed the way I send love, like you can read above, I always send love to myself and goals that I want to achieve. after a talk i had with a friend on the weekend, he advised me to focus filling myself with love and the rest will come on his own. thats what I try out now. so I mostly send love to myself, and filled myself with as much unconditional love as i could. then I remembered Klaus Vortex technique form his second book and gave it a try. as soon as I started sending love to that vortex. it was like BOOM. it felt like insane amounts of love were coming back to me, I could really feel the pressure on my chest, but it did not feel bad, just pressure of insane amounts of love pouring onto me. it was very nice. I will keep on sending love in that way. so see you guys tomorrow. much love, daidi :)

Kostya: oh, you changed the way you're doing it? Interesting. Your old way was looking too much like all work and no play. I wrote a topic about it.

daidilove: so i just finished my third session. after talking with kostya about the way of sending love. more like imagining filling myself with love, instead of really sending it to. i tryed it this way and it feels different, not they way iam familiar with it. I dont know if its better or worse or if I just have to stick with it longer and try out more with it. I still dont feel any different in my normal life. although I feel my productivity increased by a certain degree. I worked a lot on my business idea the last two days, which feels great. I will keep sending and see what happens. see you guys tomorrow much love, daidi

Kostya: it's interesting to read about your thoughts on this. Inspired me to write about my thoughts on intent in a new topic.

Kostya: Hi, Daidi! Is it coming hard?

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